Everyone's Painting Circles on Their Walls

And A Very Special Guest Has A Lot to Say About It

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Whoa, I’ve seen painted walls before, and even painted rectangles and squares, but is that a circle?

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That’s wild. I really didn’t expect that: a circle, painted on a wall, which is otherwise a rigid geometric shape.

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There it is again. Phew. I’m going to have to mull on that one for a while and… circle back with you later!

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Ha, ha, ha. Sorry, just joking because I’m nervous. I truly don’t know what to say. I’m having such visual interest.

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Ohhh, I see. Huh! The circles can also sit on top of rectangles kind of like an archway, too? Damn!

I really thought there was a Mediterranean-style villa on the other side of that cafe table! Just for a second, but I basically could hear the birds.

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The cat can hear them too, yeah? Right! You know, the Mediterranean types of birds that you’d find there. At the Mediterranean beach. Because it’s a sea! A sea on Earth, which I have been to.

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Okay, yeah, you caught me. I’m actually the astral projection of Luke Skywalker moments before his death.

Yep, that Luke. There I am!

It’s so obvious, anyway, with the way I’m reacting to these circles. I’ve never been good at hiding how I really feel, and you can probably guess why I’ve got “Big Feelings” about circles: they keep happening to me!

It’s just been circles my whole life, and now the moments before my death too, while I astral project to your interior design trends.

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Gosh. It’s just like home. Thank you so much.

Please don’t judge me for being sentimental. I’m sorry I tried to pretend that I wasn’t the astral projection of Luke Skywalker moments before his death. I’m really impressed with everything you all are up to here. Everyone is painting circles on their walls!

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Honestly, I’m super into it. I’m going to get a little thumbtack and some string and a pencil and “math” out a perfect one for my headboard. Or at least I would if I wasn’t astral projecting moments before my death. But I’d love if other people did that. I’d consider it a huge honor, like a tribute.

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Yes, exactly. Exactly.

Well, it’s been real. I’ve gotta go, though.

No, it’s not you. It’s just moments before my death, remember?

Yeah, and now I have to be a cool ghost. That’s just how it is in the… circle of life.

Ha, ha, ha. I do like puns, pranks, and jokes.

Yeah, Mark Hamill was my favorite The Joker, too.

Bye-bye now!


Luke Skywalker (with some help from his old pal Julian)