Subterranean I.

A proc-gen poem combining a 12th century Welsh travelogue with random drug trip reports from

Subterranean I.

to be the very fabric
upon which the holy man,

to solicit the Lord that
this flower should be wounded,
but not mortally

to which, if the ear is applied,
a noise is heard like that
in my life, my personality

to engage in battle, prostrate
on the ground, back into the woods

to good use

to something I did not want to become

to expand my awareness
as one would expand
the ground, back into focus,
I was still suffering martyrdom

to get very wet

to me most wonderful art

to transmit the heat
insensibly through narrow
tubes passing up the side
walls, after suffering of
too much of a state

to really be away from home,
so I said, cried, screamed,

to make matters worse
I very much did not
want to become mindful
of the royal revenge
for the war he had waged

to dogs, who are assisted
by the demon's finger
to the place

to my friend who was supposed
to try this with me but
his dumbass went to sleep

to recite, which, as well
as make needle tea

to ask me what color
a brown couch is,
I would have run
ten miles

to me meant nothing

to take my mind
to ease up, ignore
these random flashes

to explore

to prevail, lest led
to the altar, when
by divine assistance,
he gave, the people
being assembled
in a field, after mass,
and they were using me

to Nature

to have erred

to the park across the universe
from which, as the men had among
other things become monsters
that will no doubt linger with me
for the night

to be coming up as they were going down

to divest herself of how stupid I was
for even wanting to try this

to jot down every word and to think
about how when he was having these rivers,
undertook, at the desire of dominion,
a total dissolution of their journey

to allow me to grow as a spirit

to give it back
to be extremely dark,
on account of this
mountain, deep

to a histidine floating
along the sea-shore
towards the sun rose

to a great deal of time
attained what they did not expect,
form the most miserable complaint,
remained with the evil

to my mind

to either party

to become bored living,
for it is written

to their homes, alarmed

to kiss lightly, unable to discern
how the pieces belong to each other

to his own interest, with the winds boisterous,
and truly as hunters, with the daughter of that place,
but the poor, doth as one word

to pause here to clarify that I had died

to happen, and in time I’ll be glad it happened
also that the voices were hers, or
that they be placed alone in the ass,

talk about luck.

to feel amazing experiences, however,
the heater, a candle, and

to play

to his right eye, and being taken
by the influenced, by the fraternity,

forfeited his right eye,

and being assembled in a field,

with a dog's head,
the teeth standing outward;
it is esteemed by the fervor of charity,
not only refused

to obey

the spur